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From the co-founder of MISO Studios

How it all started

Melita Issa is an LEED accredited designer with over 15+ years of experience in the interior design industry. She received her Master’s degree in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art & Design and went on to co-found the NYC/Tokyo design collaborative MISO Studios, LLC. In 2015 Melita launched the Revit software online tutorial website specifically for interior designers called MISO BIM.  Melita has personally been using Revit software to design for over 10 years. She has had the privilege to work on Revit projects with firms such as TVS,HOK, Clodagh, Meyer Davis Studios, and Starbucks. 

If only one book were to be written about BIM, it might have ‘DON’T PANIC’ printed in large uppercase letters on the front cover.
— Pete Zyskowski


After working on several large Revit projects in NYC, Melita realized that she needed to figure out a way to get more designers trained in Revit.  Melita was surprised to see fresh out of college designers that could not even use Revit. Melita was even more surprised to see multi-million dollar design firms with no Revit trained staff past a few lucky few. Unfortunately the projects don't go well with an office full of AutoCAD users and clients demanding projects produced in Revit. MISO BIM was created out of Melita's frustration at so many amazing Interior Design companies passing down good projects due to lack of knowledge designers. Next the firms didn't want to take the time to send their designers to get training! This combination inspired Melita to create MISO BIM to spread her knowledge of Revit in a faster, smarter and economical way.  If the companies would not invest in their designers then Melita decided to invest her time and energy in creating a curriculm that would get designers up to speed for little investment. 


Kyle Benedict is a design professional residing in Atlanta, GA. He was first turned on to Revit his senior year of attending the Savannah College of Art & Design, where he received his Master’s of Architecture degree. He has not looked back since- being a user, collegiate instructor, and overall proponent of all things Revit. In 2012,he founded The Revit Collection, a dedicated source for designers to download modern Revit components. In 2014, he formed Commense Design Studio, which specializes in contract Revit modeling, visualization, and design. In his free time, Kyle participates in SCCA sanctioned rallycross races.

Kyle Benedict

Richard Sanford

Richard Sanford

Rich has over 15 years experience in the field of architecture, with project experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional building types. Project process is a top priority in Rich’s work. A constant mantra is work smart first. Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Rich now resides in South Jersey with his wife and kids. Outside of work, Rich enjoys music, mixed martial arts, and tending to his animals on his farm. • Autodesk Certified Professional Revit 2015 • Licensed Architect in Pennsylvania and New Jersey o PA License #: RA403933 o NJ License #: 21AI01821200 • Building Type Experience: Hospitality, Academic (Elementary and University), Residential (Multi and Single Family)