Top 5 Sites for Material Library and Revit Research


Top 5 Sites for Material Library and Revit Research

Revit has a fairly extensive library of default materials, with information detailing each of these, but as interior designers we need more materials than the default library has to offer? There are tons of pages where you can download materials, and remember to play with the settings in the material library to make the texture natural looking. Take a look at the top 5 recommended sites for Revit materials to enhance your Revit renderings and material research. 


Accustudio is a source for AccuRender. Accurender, supporting AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino and now Sketchup. they have materials for download in the exchange section.

CG Textures

Probably the largest site where you can find tons of textures of various categories. We can find seamless textures with different sizes.


Polantis is a BIM library. In BAND, the BIM in a multitude of formats, compatible with the main current architectural softwares: Revit, Allplan, Rhino, ArchiCAD, Autocad, Artlantis, Microstation, etc.

BIM Store

Basically, it is a BIM library for Revit, in addition to a BIM object factory. As a curiosity, Bimstore Eye, augmented reality viewer, allows you to view 3D BIM components from manufacturers.


Enscape 3D is a source for enscape Real-time rendering for Revit, they have a section for materials where you can download a sample material test project and see how which materials are possible.

Melita Issa