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Revit Lt. Vs. Revit: What's the Deal?

Melita IssaRevit, Blog
Revit Lt. Vs. Revit: What's the Deal?

Written By: Melita Issa and Melanie Simmons

So. You’ve decided to leave the dark ages and step into the wonderful world of BIM, specifically Revit. You might be wondering where to get started on your journey. The first step is determining your needs and deciding if you want to use Revit or its pared-down counterpart, Revit LT.

So many times, “I hear what’s Revit LT?” “It’s so much cheaper! Can I just buy that?”  

What’s the difference you ask?

 Well depending on what blog post you are reading the answer might or might not be that accurate.  First, let’s outline the versions of Revit for the newbies to the Revit software. Prior to the 2017 version, Revit had five platforms, which included Revit MEP and Revit Structure. Autodesk now has consolidated four versions of Revit into one and Revit LT. This is quite the improvement, as it now allows users to access the full range of structural and MEP modeling elements without purchasing a separate Revit platform. However, this access is limited only to Revit 2017, not LT.

The MISOBIM customer is probably using Revit Architecture and/or Revit LT. Pros and Cons break down between the full version of Revit 2017 and Revit LT 2017 are below.

Spoiler alert: Unless you are working in a hole by yourself and don’t really need to collaborate with anyone than I’m going to say get Revit Architecture and get ready to use Revit for what it’s really meant to be used for. Otherwise: architects and interior designers only use Revit LT to design solo projects. The positive thing about Revit LT now is that you can render in the cloud now at least. Before you couldn’t render at all in Revit LT.

If you are looking to ease into using Revit and want a super economical version to get your feet wet, then Revit LT is a great option. One of the positive things about Revit LT 2017 is that you can now render in the cloud versus not being able to render at all in previous versions.

Since MISOBIM is all about the MOST updated information on all things BIM and/or Revit, we compared the latest 2017 versions of both Revit 2017 and Revit LT 2017 to help determine which version is best for you.

Revit 2017 Pros.png
Revit 2017 Cons.png