Top 6 Recommended Sites For Revit Families 

Top 6 Recommended Sites For Revit Families

Top 6 Recommended Sites For Revit Families

We are going to show you some of the best web pages where you can download families or components for Revit.  We initially wanted this post to be the top 5 like Chris Rock, but we had just one more too important to share. Top 6 it is...enjoy!

1. BIMCommunity

BIMCommunity. Its objective is to be the international reference portal in the BIM world. The main resource you can find on this web is INFORMATION in BIM environment: software, mobile applications, guides, BIM servers, books, BIM components, and families; Of course, links to the main websites that offer all these resources.

2. Basically, it is a BIM library for Revit, in addition to a BIM object factory. As a curiosity, Bimstore Eye, augmented reality viewer, allows you to view 3D BIM components from manufacturers.


What is ARCAT? In essence, it is a BIM library. In addition to BIM objects, you can download technical specifications for construction products. They even have their own mobile app. The BIM components you can download Revit objects and families, as well as DWG

4. Polantis

What is Polantis? Polantis is a BIM library. In BAND, the BIM in a multitude of formats, compatible with the main current architectural softwares: Revit, Allplan, Rhino, ArchiCAD, Autocad, Artlantis, Microstation, etc.

5. Bimobject

BIM Object is one of the most powerful pages of free downloads of BIM objects. Once registered, you can download everything you want. And even if you want, install your plug-in in your BIM software to be able to search and download directly from Revit, for example. You can also download BIM components for ArchiCAD, Allplan, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, etc.

6. Revit City

HEAPS of families for you to download. Created to no standard and by a lot of different users – quality is hit and miss but well worth a look.

And of course look in downloading our Free Families Volume 1

Melita Issa